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Life-Integrated Financial Planning

Individual Financial Planning

People Don't Plan to Fail, They Just Fail to Plan.

A well developed financial plan properly gathers every component of one’s financial life and integrates them to provide a roadmap to financial security. Overlooking these components and how they each work together can put financial dreams and goals at jeopardy. The Pivotal Financial Services’ financial planning process incorporates many different investment and insurance strategies including:


Cash Management

Cash management goes beyond balancing checkbooks. It’s using money wisely by preparing and maintaining a budget by tracking daily, emergency, and saving cash flows. While also understanding credit and its effects.


Risk Management

Coverage comes in many forms: life, disability, health, long-term care, property and casualty insurance. Figuring out how much to spend on these and which coverage plan is the right one makes all the difference when it comes to your financial security.


Investment Planning

Investment plans should be designed to maximize financial security through setting and achieving monetary goals. Understanding asset allocation, diversification, and risk are all vital to the accumulation and preservation of wealth.


Retirement Planning

When planning for retirement it’s important to understand and make the most of all the various retirement vehicles available. Accumulation is only one phase of retirement planning; the most important phase is making it last.


Income Tax Planning

Reviewing current and past years’ tax returns is a vital component to financial planning that tends to get overlooked. Understanding how taxes work within financial plan can limit the erosion of accumulated wealth.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is NOT just for the rich and is a vital piece of the financial planning picture. A lifetime is spent building up assets and it’s important to make sure these assets are transferred to heirs.

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